Soloist A-Studio Katie Topuria is pregnant (Photo)

28-year-old singer Kati Topuria is pregnant and will soon give her husband a child. Now the soloist of the group "A-Studio" in early pregnancy. Supposedly the actress will give birth to the baby in the spring.

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The news that Katie Topuria is pregnant got into the Russian media thanks to a friend of the singer's family, businessman Aliko Archuadze. According to him, the soloist "A-Studio" found out about her position about two months ago. The child should be born in the spring of 2015.

For Kati Topuria, this will be the first child, and for her husband - the second. Banker Leo Geihman brings up daughter Sonya from a previous relationship. The singer gets along well with the girl and dreams of giving birth to another daughter to her beloved man. Moreover, Katie Topuria plans to become a mother with many children and will certainly give birth to a boy as well.

Katie Topuria and Leo Geihman got married September 7, 2013 in Moscow. The lovers' weddings were grand, over 500 people came to congratulate the newlyweds, including the stars: Alla Pugacheva , Maksim Galkin , Igor Krutoy, Victoria Lopyreva, Lera Kudryavtseva, Alexey Chumakov, Yana Rudkovskaya , Timur Batrutdinov and others.

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