"Daddy's Daughters": who of the actresses got into a big movie, and who lay to the bottom

In the Russian hire out comedy comedy "Partner" director Alexander Andryushchenko . The main role in the film was performed by a computer model (graphic technologies and Motion Capture work wonders!) - a virtual boy, to whom he gave voice and facial expressions Sergey Garmash , and plastic - Alexander Petrov . Mom "of all this" was the heroine Elizaveta Arzamasova , known to the wide audience on the sitky "Daddy's Daughter". On the occasion of the release of the full-length comedy with the actress in the title role, we decided to recall all the other young heroines of the series. About what the result came to those whose career start was so rapid - in our review.

Elizaveta Arzamasova (22 years old)

Liza Arzamasova does not get tired of repeating that she is the complete opposite of her heroine from “Daddy’s Daughters” Galina Sergeyevna. Yes, this is not even worth talking about: just look at the perky and relaxed actress, and then look at the calm as a boa, calm, like a rock, "Daddy's daughter." But everything has something in common between Arzamasova and her character: Galina Sergeyevna is a child prodigy for studies, and Liza Arzamasova at a very early age achieved success in the actor's path. While peers collected cubes and sculpted fairy-tale heroes from plasticine in kindergarten and preparatory courses for school, six-year-old Lisa had already “tasted” the atmosphere of the film sets. And the actress was not shot in any "Jumble" (many actors started with him, for example the same Alexander Golovin ), and in full-length projects, designed not for a children's audience. Among the “first pancakes” (they, contrary to popular wisdom, turned out to be not a lump at all!) Yury Kuzin’s “Ark” films of 2002, "The rider named death" Karen Shakhnazarova and "Ragin" Kirill Serebrennikov who saw the light in 2004.

A real pass to the world of “rich and famous” for Liza Arzamasova was the role in “Daddy's daughters”, for which the rising star was approved in 2007. The conveyor started: Liza began to be invited into one project after another. She played in films like "My children" Alexandra Kiriyenko , "Pop" Vladimir Khotinenko , "72 hours" Kira Angelina, "Rowan Waltz" Alexander Smirnov and Alena Semenova and others. In addition, the charming actress hit the whirl of TV shows: "Dostoevsky" , "Under a shower of bullets" , "The Brothers Karamazov" - You can list for a long time.

Elizaveta Arzamasova as Galina Sergeevna

You wonder how with such a busy schedule Liza Arzamasova has time for everything. In 2012, the actress entered the production department of GITR (Humanitarian Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting named after MA Litovchina - Editor's Note ) and combined her studies with work. Yes, and communication with the opposite sex beauty is more than enough. With whom only novels were attributed to her: then with a colleague from “Daddy's Daughters” Philippe Pale (performer of the role of Benjamin Vasiliev), then with Rodion Gazmanov . However, the celebrity herself stops all such rumors in the bud, arguing that only the friendship binds her with the young people mentioned above.

However, the celebrity herself stops all such rumors in the bud, arguing that only the friendship binds her with the young people mentioned above

Elizaveta Arzamasova with her “film family” at the premiere of the film “Partner”

Miroslava Karpovich (31 years)

We don’t even remember the colorful actress from Ukraine - she also played the oldest Maria Sergeyevna in the popular sitcom “Daddy’s Daughter”. The heroine is a typical dressing-up girl: everything is pink, and not a wall with a poster Sergey Lazarev If the action of the series took place last year, then Masha would certainly have rushed to catch the favorite Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm - albeit a hitchhiker. In the life of Miroslav is not at all like a young copy Paris Hilton in bows and ruches - it does not match its serial image. The actress can be a fatal beauty (remember the daring photo shoot for Maxim magazine in 2011), and the hospitable housewife (in the already mentioned interview she demonstrated knowledge of the recipes of Ukrainian cuisine on a solid five!)

While “Daddy's Daughters” were walking and trumpeting about all the bells, Miroslava Karpovich managed to play in several full-length films, in particular "Plus one" Oksana Bychkova 2008 release and "New Year's Tariff" Evgenia Bedareva . The popularity of Miroslavy Karpovich faded noticeably after the closure of “Daddy’s daughters” in 2013 (by this time the screens were already released –– imagine! - the 20th season of the TV project). In recent years, the career of an actress at a dead end: she acts in short films, is engaged in the voice acting of animated characters (animated series "Fairy patrol" 2016 release date). The last full meter with the participation of Miroslava (only in a cameo role, not to fat, to be alive!) Was released in January 2017. The once popular "Daddy's daughter" lit up in the horror "Bride" Svyatoslav Podgaevsky .

The character of Miroslavy Karpovich - Maria Sergeyevna

Miroslava Karpovich became a sultry blonde

Anastasia Sivaeva (25 years)

Daria Sergeevna - the language will not turn so to name the second daughter from the Vasnetsov family. Not for nothing is the heroine given the nickname "Tarantula" - because she is goth to the bone. Who knew that an ardent adherent of a gloomy subculture under the curtain of the series would be the faithful wife of Baumanka student Venik Vasilyev (Philip Pale) and the mother of a charming girl. This is the role (complex character, developing to play it, it is necessary to evolve with him!) Performed in the series “Daddy's Daughters” Anastasia Sivaeva.

Now in Sivaeva’s career, peace and quiet: her last work was the series “The Ax,” directed by Ilya Silaev in 2014. A full meter on the account of the actress is only one, and then, we can say that it was a long time and not true. Drama "Words and Music" by Ivan Solovov Marat Basharov and Sergey Gazarov starring saw the light already in 2004.

Drama Words and Music by Ivan Solovov   Marat Basharov   and   Sergey Gazarov   starring saw the light already in 2004

The character of Anastasia Sivaeva - goth Dasha nicknamed "Tarantula"

One "muddy history" is connected with the name of Anastasia Sivaeva. In 2015, a picture of the actress appeared on the page of one of the wedding salons. The grown up “father's daughter” tried on a wedding outfit. “Oh, this wedding-wedding-wedding, has not yet sung and danced, but it will be soon,” then they said in the press. The news, unfortunately, has not received development: everything ends in the water. What it was (maybe just a promo promotion salon!) - now no one knows.

The current Anastasia Sivaeva - is she really pretty?

Daria Melnikova (25 years)

An athlete and just a beauty (no longer a Komsomol member - times have changed) Evgenia Sergeyevna managed the ball better than with the opposite sex. All these women's things are not for her: hop, quickly put on her sneakers, put on her windbreaker on her shoulders - and ran to the gym. Such was the serial heroine Daria Melnikova. And this image has gained its admirers and received not a small pinch of love and admiration.

I must say that now in the career of Daria “seismic activity” and a surge of popularity is not observed. But nevertheless, the actress stands firmly on her feet: on a regular basis she shares her voice with the animation characters. The closest opportunity to see a drawing character, whose lips Daria speaks, will be presented to the viewer in March 2018 - it was then that the domestic comedy cartoon “My Super Dad” will come out (the karma of fathers and daughters, apparently, is firmly entrenched for the actress!). The plot of the animation revolves around the heroine of science fiction writer Cyrus Bulychev Alisa Selezneva, familiar to Soviet children (the first cartoon about a girl from the future called "The Mystery of the Third Planet" saw the light in 1981).

The plot of the animation revolves around the heroine of science fiction writer Cyrus Bulychev Alisa Selezneva, familiar to Soviet children (the first cartoon about a girl from the future called   The Mystery of the Third Planet   saw the light in 1981)

The character of Daria Melnikova - Evgenia Sergeevna

In addition, Daria Melnikova appears in the series. The actress is declared for the main role (this is a delicious gingerbread she perepal!) In the series "Strong Armor" , which is now at the production stage. His events unfold during the Great Patriotic War, namely during the fierce tank battles at the Kursk Bulge. The main character Vasily Rusakov is just a member of the “crew of a combat vehicle”.

Darya Melnikova, “Hasty Ridge”: she acquired the family of the first of “Dad’s Daughters”. In 2013, a celebrity led by the crown actor Arthur Smolyaninov . In October 2015, the couple had a firstborn. Mom is proud of her little boy and often puts a photo with him on social networks . Only here the face of the baby does not show, indeed, and suddenly they jinx it!

Only here the face of the baby does not show, indeed, and suddenly they jinx it

This grew Daria Melnikova

Catherine Starshova (15 years old)

The spontaneity itself is a cute little Button, the youngest of “Daddy’s daughters”. Charming girl played Catherine Starshova. In the new projects, the teenage actress has not yet been announced, and it is still early to talk about “star romances” and issues. Having bathed in glory in early childhood, the actress actively leads Instagram, where she talks about the everyday life of an ordinary teenager: school, friends and girlfriends, and training at the Moskvich Sports Palace. But the actress with a girlfriend went to the horror film "Annabel." On this occasion, Katya posted a funny post with a caption: “We are alone in the hall. You can shout.

You can shout

Katya Starshova as Polina Sergeevna (Buttons)

So far - the usual life, but we are confident that the actress will show itself in all its glory. And the makings for this is huge. And even two full meters are on the account of the young queen of the screen: drama Anna Melikyan "Mermaid" 2007 release and fantastic thriller " Black Lightning "2009 release director Alexander Voitinsky and Dmitry Kiselev . That will learn a little asterisk to match, finish school, and most likely, will fall into the film industry again. Where is she without such an actress charismatic.

It looks like grown Catherine Starshova

It should be noted that in 2018, fans of the series "Daddy's Daughters" are in for a surprise. In March of this year, the production of the full-length film of the same name was announced. This will be a great chance for the actresses who are “scattered around life”, to reunite again.

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