Increasingly, residents of Russian regions are seeking help not from the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the prosecutor’s office, but Ramzan Kadyrov.

Only the day before it became known that the residents of the village of Nivenskoye in the Kaliningrad region want to become part of Chechnya. Villagers believe that only Kadyrov can ward off the misfortune that hangs over Nivensky. Here they plan to build a mine and extract potash salt. Locals fear that because of the enterprise, their houses may go underground.

“Dear Ramzan Akhmatovich!”

A desperate SOS signal to Ramzan Kadyrov is being sent from the Kaliningrad region. The residents of the village of Nivenskoye are asking for protection from the head of Chechnya. Here they plan to build a mining and processing plant. People are against. After all, they intend to place the mine "just a few dozen meters from residential buildings, 300 meters from the kindergarten and 350 meters from the school." According to construction standards, the mine should be based at least a kilometer from residential development.

Villagers are afraid to repeat the fate of the cities of Berezniki and Soligorsk, where residential buildings have gone underground because of underground workings, and the level of oncology exceeds all permissible norms. They say: two years knocking on all doors. They wrote to political parties, the government of the region, the Kremlin, the President of Russia, the prosecutor's office, the Investigation Committee, the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, the Federal Security Service, and even the Patriarch of All Russia. In response, silence. According to residents of the village, only Ramzan Kadyrov can ward off trouble.

“Dear Ramzan Akhmatovich! We, residents and owners of real estate in the village of Nivenskoye, ask you to include our settlement, in which more than 2,000 people live, into the Chechen Republic. ” For two years, the problem of building the Nivensky GOK has been terrorizing local residents, and we know that you have a short conversation with terrorists! ” - wrote in the message residents of Nivensky.

The villagers are even ready to join Chechnya. Just to get rid of the problem. The authors of the letter declare: they have repeatedly seen on TV, "how Grozny flourishes and develops," as "Chechen residents are grateful to their leader."

Kadyrov, in the opinion of Kaliningrad villagers, will not rub shoulders with “industrialists” who “live on” government benefits and at the same time expect to withdraw money abroad to offshore accounts.

Rospotrebnadzor to help

After the scandal that went beyond the region, the officials of the Kaliningrad region hurried to temper the ardor of the obstinate inhabitants of Nivensky. According to Acting Deputy Chairman of the Government of the region, Alexander Zhenderyuk-Zhidkov, the place for the construction of the mine has not yet been precisely determined.

“Until we make sure that the project meets all environmental requirements, we will not approve it. It is necessary to solve the issue with sanitary protection zones. Rospotrebnadzor is engaged in this, ”the official said in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel.

Joining Chechnya for the residents of the village of Nivensky will remain an impossible dream. Law 131 "On local self-government" will not allow the inhabitants of the western borders of Russia to start up and formally move to the south.

Superhero from Chechnya

Meanwhile, Ramzan Kadyrov is considered a superhero not only in the Kaliningrad region. Back in November, businessmen from Kaluga turned to Kadyrov for help. Their cry of despair echoed scattered over the Internet.

On this topic

On this topic


Sasha Project's concert in Dagestan may be canceled. This is due to the numerous threats that began to come to the singer.

In the video, which hit the "YouTube", merchants are asked to "stop the chaos" of local authorities. Officials, according to entrepreneurs, “squander” urban lands - give them up for business projects. For example, on the site of the central market, it was decided to split the park. Because of this, 4,000 people will lose their jobs. To restore justice, Kaluga businessmen decided to seek help from the head of Chechnya.

Rescue the daughter from the misfortune of Ramzan Kadyrov asked one of the richest women in Russia Olga Mirimskaya. A year and a half ago, her newborn Sonya was kidnapped directly from the hospital by a surrogate mother. Olga's former husband, a US citizen Nikolai Smirnov, planned the “operation”. The girl on false documents was taken to Cyprus. After this, there was no news about the child for a long time. Mirimskaya again heard about Sonia, when at the end of October this year the kidnappers tried to crawl the border between North and South Cyprus under barbed wire.

Guest police detained the local police. The girl was taken away. However, the authorities of Cyprus did not wish to return her back to her mother. Then the woman turned to Ramzan Kadyrov for help. Olga decided: if thanks to his help from the Libyan captivity it was possible to free the entire crew of the tanker “Mechanic Chebotarev”, then maybe it will be possible to resolve the issue with the return of Sonya? The head of Chechnya did not refuse to help. In November, Sonia finally saw her mother.

In September, it became known that thanks to Kadyrov’s efforts, seven-year-old Elif Nurzhanova from Baikonur found a second life.

Elif Nurzhanova

The girl was born with serious malformations: spinal hernia with a violation of the pelvic organs, deformity of both feet, scoliosis, progressive hydrocephalus, incontinence of urine and feces. Seven years old baby suffered terrible pain. For a normal life, she needed an expensive operation in a Turkish clinic. The head of Chechnya transferred $ 10,500.

In February, Ramzan Kadyrov helped the Chechen Maryam Ganchayeva return to their homeland. Three years ago, she went to Germany for treatment. The woman suffered from severe oncology. Maryam wanted to live like everyone else. But German doctors have deprived her of this chance. They refused to do the surgery. Then Ganchayeva decided to return home. Not allowed. Woman lost documents. Only with close cooperation between the Russian consulate and Chechnya’s representative, Maryam, three years later, flew to her native Grozny.

In late 2010, Alfiya Gubaeva from Sochi addressed the head of Chechnya with a letter. The woman asked for money to overhaul. A year later, Ramzan Kadyrov Gubayeva made a long-awaited gift by March 8th.